Computer Pros Sig

Day/Time 3rd Friday, 7:00am
SIG Leader: Harry Elver.
Location: Biscuits Country Cafe.
7026 E. Broadway
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This group meets to further the interests and knowledge of those in the computer industry. It is intended for those with intermediate to advanced skills. Monthly meetings are combined with a no-host breakfast at 7:00 to 8:30AM on the third Friday morning of each month.
We will discuss current topics including but not limited to: malware utilities, remote tech support, cloud storage and backup, e-mail problems, office software suites, local and wide area networking techniques, “Windows..” upgrades and migrations, remote access, etc. We will apply our expertise to whatever else comes up!
TCS members interested in attending should RSVP to Harry Elver.
Some of the attendees of this SIG are listed on the “Members’ Web Sites” page which also has a link to Harry Elver’s blog.
See our “Meeting Notes” page for advice and presentation files from some of our past meetings.

Linux Sig

Day/Time 4th Sunday, 3:00pm-5pm
SIG Leaders: Dennis McCormick and Paul Scott.
Location: Adam D Technology.
2959 N. Swan Rd. Suite 121
See MAP.

Need a description Dennis McCormick and Paul Scott.

Windows 10/Hardware Sig

Day/Time 1st Wednesday, 6:00-8:00pm
SIG Leaders: Ken Sandock, George Harding, Bernard Bell, Robert Thompson, and Terri Davis.
Location: Adam D Technology.
2959 N. Swan Rd. Suite 121
See MAP.

The purpose of this SIG is to explore and explain PC hardware, Windows operating systems, and the interaction between the two. We will discuss the purchase, upgrading, and configuration of both hardware, software, and the “Windows..” operating system. Some of our activities, how-to’s, and technical advice are documented in the “Meeting Notes” page.