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Using VPN Services As Temporary Workarounds For Slow Broadband Internet Access:

Sometimes you can use free VPN services as a temporary workaround for download and upload slowdowns in broadband Internet access: For example, Comcast cable modem Internet in the Tucson area was very slow on Friday August 9, 2013 through Saturday August 10 with download and upload speeds so slow that they are unmeasurable (as measured at at their Los Angeles server and using their Dallas, Texas server).

When we used the free version of “Hotspot Shield“, we obtained Internet download speeds above 20 Megabits per second and upload speeds above 1.5 Megabits per second (via our Comcast cable modems).

(Note: As of 9AM on Sunday August 11, the regular download and upload speeds of Comcast cable modem Internet access have been restored to their normal speeds! Many thanks to our neighbor who coordinated a fix with Comcast tech support.)