About TCS

Founded in 1982, the Tucson Computer Society (TCS) is a group of more than 250 home users, business people, and entrepreneurs who share problems, solutions, ideas, and information about a wide range of personal computer PC hardware and software. Monthly General Meetings and a variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide forums for members to improve their knowledge about computer-related subjects. Please view and distribute our descriptive brochure.

Membership is open to all, which makes TCS resemble a family with members in all stages of user experience—beginner, intermediate, and expert. All are seeking to increase their understanding of PCs and to advance their skill levels. And all have gained much from the benefits of membership. Many of our members have an active and/or passive “Web presence”.

The club has a long and distinguished history. Through the years, this Web site, and some of our members have been recipients of several awards.

The Board of Directors, acting under the authority of the TCS Bylaws, has general supervision and administrative authority over the affairs of TCS. TCS members are invited to attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings. The date, time and location of the meetings are posted on the TCS Calendar of Events. Members are encouraged to keep informed about the actions of the Board of Directors.

TCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is affiliated with the Association of PC User Groups (APCUG).
Many of our members participate in various computer recycling efforts in the Tucson area. A list of of these activities is located at the Tucson Clean and Beautiful Web site. On this list, you will find links to Pima Computer Recycling, Computer Renaissance, and World Care which are all exemplary recyclers of old computer equipment. Some of the members of the Tucson Computer Society volunteer at World Care.